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lordofthecheesestrings said: I'm so glad I found you! I adoooore Legolas!! Thank you so much!

Not a problem!

  • Legolas' beautiful face appreciation post 

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  • livelaughlovesoa12:

Yes, Legolas. We know.
  • Legolas, as requested by Carmella

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  • “Nine Companions. So be it. You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring.”

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  • ithilien-prince said: Hi there! I'm not sure if you enjoy doing promos or not, but if so, would you like to take a moment to help spread the word for our new Lord of the Rings Roleplay group? We are lotr-rp-masterlist[.]tumblr[.]com and we have no Legolas yet! If you don't do promos, I completely understand, and thank you for your time anyway. :D

    Albert Camus Stenciled Unisex T-shirt by me

    I created the stencil and spray painted these shirts. I’ll be doing more in the future, as I need money for college. I would be forever grateful if you guys could reblog this and/or check it out!


What do his elf eyes see?
Find out with new Covergirl Elven Shadowblast!

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  • Orlando Bloom surprises Viggo Mortensen during his interview

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